Kindness Campaign

Thanks to an idea that was suggested during one of our fellowship hour discussions, we are inviting all members of our parish family to participate in a Kindness Campaign: shedding our Light by offering thanks, support, hope and love to COVID-19 front line workers, especially those who are parish family members!

We will kick-off this initiative by sending notes and messages of gratitude to surrounding communities’ places of work with those in the front line and first responders. If interested in getting involved, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Write a note or card, adding positive messages, drawings, scripture or a saying from a favorite saint
2. If you know a parish family member who is a front line worker, personalize your message (add name and place of work)
3. Drop the messages off in a plastic bin outside the church office or email your message to the church office
4. Your messages will decorate St. Nicholas Thank You posters that will be taken to those working on the front lines, starting with some of our own parish family members

The campaign will continue to grow and encompass as many different people and areas that need support and love. We want to reach out and identify the unsung heroes - after many weeks of hardship trying to help keep others stay safe and healthy, how can we offer of ourselves to them? How can we recognize ALL the frontline workers (cleaners, subordinate staffs) that are not in the limelight? And what, beyond thank-you notes, would be most helpful?

We will be contacting the like of nursing homes, police stations, grocery store workers and town offices (for information on families in housing projects or children affected) to see where we can provide for any needs that not might not be tapped or are overseen. If there is a local organization that you support and think we can all rally together to support as a church, please let us know.

Please share your ideas and information on how we can share our Light with those who remain in the trenches (until when?) and could use a lot of love. Email:




Your support & generosity makes all the difference!